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Just came over from Reddit last night. I'm DONE with that place. I'm not letting those idiots tell me what to think.

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found this myself last night. Who'd thunk, there IS a OZ in the Web where we CAN voice our opinions and NOT be shunned, shammed, degraded, or booted in the badonky donk!

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That's true. R Edit has started acting suspiciously lately... So having an alternative platform will be definitely "oxygen" for people who have been censored or generally hate to live with it.

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NOT be shunned, shammed, degraded, or booted in the badonky donk!

From the lips of the most powerful being in existence, the transcended one; ancient seer of knowledge, wisdom, strength and philosophy; everybody's favorite muppet: "You will be. You will be."

On the plus side, if everyone's a dick is anyone really a dick?

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Thank you for the tips. New here and trying to find real threads before they get infiltrated. Trump supporter since day 1 (in the primaries). More information is the key so I hope to see the real deal here.

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Thanks for making this a sticky right at the top of this sub. I just signed up last night after seeing all the shit that's happening over there. I moved to rEddit from Digg way back when that whole fiasco went down, and I'm just relieved to find you guys keeping the torch lit while rEddit goes down like the Titanic. Honestly I'm pretty jaded at this point, and hoping to find a bastion of freedom of speech. Free speech is such a powerful weapon against tyranny that it's not surprising to see sites that have it being taken over by the powers that be, censored, and made into a platform. I know you folks here realized what was going on long long before I did, but I'm just thankful that this site is here, and that I found a link to it over there. Hopefully this site is what I think it may be. The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if it's not, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway.

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Glad you found the post useful. @amyacker is the one to thank for the sticky, I just wrote it.

As with any place, this one has its faults, but we fight to protect it constantly. Hope to see you in the trenches with us.

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rEfugee here as well. IRL I'm super outspoken, but I've only upvoted and lurked. The last week only served to confirm and amplify every dark thing. Glad to have a better choice.

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Wow. You had me at "We hate political correctness."! I truly loved Reddit, and I'll always be thankful for it because it helped me realize how fucked up the US government is. Thank you for being so welcoming, Voat!

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up votes for everyone! (to my limit of 3 lol)

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I feel crippled with a limit. I just want to like everybody! But on personality charts, I'm sanguine, yellow, cheerleader, etc. There's just no excuse for me!

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don't worry, comment and post

Its like a behavior moderator.... the restrictions make you act like a voater and not a redditor... be nice, discuss

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What a fantastic guide, the best part was learning about the lack of stupid fucks crying about anything that a normal person should be able to say. I just signed up as a Reddit refugee that's sick of all the censorship and faggotry....such as gobbling globalist cock.

I already feel like I've found my home...

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TL;DR Rules of Voat:

  1. Censorship is ban.
  2. Overbearing mods will be butt-raped; no exceptions.
  3. Shills will be crucified; no exceptions.
  4. Everyone is a nigger faggot.
  5. You are especially a nigger faggot.
  6. Downvoat is not an argument.
  7. Contribution is everything.
  8. Don't like a sub, don't post in sub.
  9. Find your favorite echo chamber.
  10. Echo chambers will have their tables flipped.

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I especially like #6. A downvoat is not an argument.

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I kekked. Ty.

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Very helpful, thanks!

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I can't get enough of that OC picture at the bottom. @Dumb_Comment_Bot that shit is hall-of-fame worthy. Momshorts, thanks for joining, welcome, and have a free upgoat for listening to my shit!

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