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Welcome. But I'm sorry to inform you your comments on Reddit have been recorded forever, and have been attached to as much invasive storage of your history as possible. This includes your browser fingerprint, other social media, and incidental clickthroughs. Remember that one time you forgot to log out of Google? That time you accidentally clicked on an Amazon ad? Yeah.


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Welcome! The sidebar has some excellent links to get you familiarized with Voat.

Quick Voat ProTips:

  • You get 10 free upvoats per day - use 'em, they're free and they don't cost nuthin'
  • Once you hit 20 CCP, the number of upvoats begins to increase, so comment, comment, comment! It's not exactly "unlimited" like the message that you'll see says (they're fixing this), but once you hit 20 CCP, it's half of whatever your CCP is in a 24-hour period!
  • Downvoats don't start until you reach 100 CC (this is a spamkilling feature, not a bug; plus downvoats don't add much to the conversation; once you have the ability, save 'em for killing spammers)
  • SCP won't alter your CCP at all, but adding new content is cool and generates more conversation

Glad you're here -- have fun :-)


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Hope you enjoy your stay here on Voat! Be sure to regularly check out /v/IdeasForVoat