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Christianity is a direct threat to Judaism. It’s time the people woke up.

Believe on the LORD Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved

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Gotta get someone to do the heavy lifting, right?

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Against since it was created.

It must really hurt that what was partially a defense against them meddling with that civilization, basically spread like wild fire and took over all the places that were ripe for to attempt to similarly meddle with.

Semites and Semitic things were those people, and there were two primary anti-Semitic forces toward the end, the Jews and the Byzantine empire after the Romans receded. You will find that if you read regular history that's everywhere, that the people identifying as Jewish were not of them, but fighting against them. Thus the Jews are an original class of anti-Semite.

When you thrash around enough that you might are hurt yourself or others, it sort of becomes you own fault if you end up being restrained. What do you expect would happen. How smart are you really.

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i believe there is truth to this

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There have been many instances where the jews let in muslim invaders into their their host nations through the back door, once they even dug a tunnel from their synagogue all the way under the city walls to sneak them in. Nowadays they just use the E.U.

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Christian theocrats LOVE Islam. Islam is a wolf outside the door, to use as a threat to demand submission. They will support the moorish dogs until they have completely taken over, and then launch a "crusade" to take control back. It's not about saving the west from Islam, it's about taking and maintaining control for themselves.

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There are no Christian theocrats.

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You're right, but there are a lot of Jewish theocrats pretending to be Christian theocrats