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excellent post, this is what i really like to read here. we need to keep setting up parralel services and institutions as much as possible, and do our bests to help eachother sustain them.

I didn't know you had a patreon, but i'll set up a couple bucks donation to you, it's the least i can do. I recently cancelled my spotify premium, so that money might as well go to a service that fucking deserves it.

One thing about Stripe though, they've dropped/banned plenty other services before for having the wrong views, as long as you go into this EXPECTING stripe to pull the same thing to imgoat, youll be fine, but dont count on it always being there.

also consider setting up bitcoin/other crypto donation addresses. the anonymity bonus that these provide is considerably beneficial to some people.

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Thanks, I agree with all of the above.

I didn't realize that about Stripe, that sucks. I've use it on a number of sites, it's much more customizable than the alternatives, more geared towards geeks. I'm guessing Mastercard, etc., are putting pressure on them. Just a hunch. I've considered Monero and Bitcoin, but small, one-off donations just aren't that useful. Subscriptions are ideal, even in smaller dollar amounts. But I might give it a shot.

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well there's a business idea, right?

set up your own payment processor, TROUGH stripe (or master card or whatever) that lets you set up montly donations IN CRYPTO

user uses creditcard -> service buys specified crypto at market value, and instantly sends it to intended address as crypto. whatever the recipient does with it (instantly convert back to FIAT, or keep in crypto is their business)

Youd probably have to get some sort of agreement with an exchange, but i imagine there'd be more than one exchange willing to jump at the possiblity of giving crypto more mainstream appeal/application

That said, i wouldnt be surprised if something like this already exists.

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Nice, came here to say that Stripe and patreon both will axe you without warning stripe as they carry all the high risk clients and have to be somewhat ruthless with their clients patreon cause they like to virtue signal, crypto while volatile will work regardless.

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Stripe gets leaned on by both Mastercard and Visa.

Cody Wilson explained the other night on The RalphRetort's podcast that Visa are the ones that directly pulled credit processing from Hatreon.

Stripe has told the other companies like FreeStartr not to let anyone know they were doing the credit processing. Because of the shit that Mastercard and Visa are pulling.

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Crypto is only as anonymous and free as its weakest link; in this case the weak link is jew-controlled government-regulated exchanges such as Coinbase, who cut Voat off.

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I have a longer post below but Mastercard & Visa are responsible for a bunch of the alt-tech companies having their credit processing pulled.

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Stripe are having problems with Visa & Mastercard strong arming them into dropping clients.

BitChute, MakerSupport, & FreeStartr were all directly screwed over by Stripe. Hatreon was directly fucked by Visa.

For credit processing check out https://chronopay.com/en/about/



As another donation option checkout Streamlabs, set up an account and add the various donation options including Crypto.

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At the end of the day these are built on the same underlying structure and will be vulnerable to the same strongarming. "Drop x client or you'll be banned from processing mastercard" etc. and either they'll cave same as Stripe or they'll lose the ability to take payments from a quarter of the world and lose in the market against competitors that can take everything. You cannot successfully build alt-finance on top of the existing rotten infrastructure.

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Chronopay actually is its own credit processor independent of Visa & Mastercard.

Besides Crypto currency it would take $100 million dollars to start a new credit processor here in the US.

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2nd donorbox. One of the Review YouTubers i watch swears by them

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Cool, thanks for imgoat

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Hey look an admin who communicates w his users.

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The least you can do is to ping the owner of catbox.moe if you're going to tell us to be suspicious of him.


Edit: cats_ responds here.

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Hell, /u/discoball probably said these things to him directly, in email, a month ago.

Pings never hurt, tho. And they're free!





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Pepe popo.

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one testicle

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i don't even know how to respond to this. i don't really even care but i guess i'll post something

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What are you even on about.

We tried messaging on voat and talking on IRC, but our time zones and schedules differ so much so you email me saying what essentially boiled down to "hi, email me if you have any questions". If you had actually asked me anything, I would have responded. The reason I didn't jet anything back to you was because literally the day after you sent that email, I went on vacation for 2 weeks to Japan. Meanwhile, I get emails daily, so yours kind of just got lost in the noise.

I don't really care about traffic from Voat. Voat and sites like it are not and has never been my target audience. I'm not some "alternative free speech" startup. I'll remove your file if I don't like it, or it puts Catbox in jeopardy. Gore of a 2 year old getting his foreskin cut off? fuck off with that shit. doxxing, revenge porn, shit like that, if someone asks me earnestly to remove it, I'm going to remove it. I'm a 20 year old college dude who got in over his head with a joke to kill gyazo, and now look where Catbox is.

As for your questions in the original post, I've answered those questions multiple times before, and at this point they should be self evident with how old Catbox is. You can read through the blog to get a whole history of Catbox. Of course I take regular fucking backups. No, I don't touch your files after you upload them. Your ass is responsible for whatever you upload. I don't care about your data, I keep what's necessary to keep the site functional. You can even look at the html source and see there's no tracking js or anything.

All I want from Catbox is similar to what you want, just without the meme of "free speech". I don't put on facades that will kill Catbox down the line. Just look at every site that has come before us.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond.

However, in regard to the last paragraph, I don't believe free speech is just a meme.

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PM me an address and I'll stuff some cash in an envelope for you faggot. Disco, not any of you others fuckers. You assholes can't have my money.

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ok im pming you my address this is disco im just on an alt but go ahead and send cash thx

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Just be ready. The instant your site catches (((their))) attention Patreon will ban you and Stripe will cut you off, just as was done to Voat itself. Keep as little money in those accounts, paypal etc as possible, it will disppear one day and there will be months of jerking you around before they give it back. This applies to coinbase and other crypto exchanges as well.

(((finance))) is the enemy

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