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Laravel 5.6 error page. :-)

We have another Laravel user on Voat!! Yehaw!

Looks like guzzle is taking a shit.

Dummy has debug turned on. Set that shit to false dude!!

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Yep. :)

I turn it on when editing the site. Gonna set it back to fase in a minute.

edit: the real question is how did @rotteuxx end up on a 404 page?

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Like I said, it could be guzzle taking a crap. I came across some esoteric and I mean esoteric problems of having a certificate issue that would throw a similar error every so often. I had to force the use of one specific certificate to solve the issue I was having.

Whoops errors are to freaking vague at times.

I have seen Taylor out in the wild at times. The last time was at the doughnut shop which is pretty close to his house. Lol, dude is a major shy guy. His wife is pretty cool but I’ve only seen her a few times.

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Looks like fairly standard errors and, strangely, the server coughing up verbose error reports. Production servers should avoid that, as a general rule.

Don't get mad when it breaks. If you knew how the 'net was glued together, you'd be baffled that it works at all.

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Moi ? Mad ?

Nah, just wondering what it was being a semi tech illiterate hairy tradesman. I can fix anything that's analog with a hand tied behind my back while dancing a jig and making smoke rings with the cigar still in my mouth but this mumbo jumbo isn't my thing.

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LOL That was just a general statement and what I typically say when people encounter errors.

The 'net is a hodgepodge of standards that nobody complies with, proprietary shit, outdated software, multitudes of versions of the same software, and operates by transmission of particles of light and manipulation of electrons. I'm fucking baffled that it works at all, and I theoretically understand it well.

I will save you my usual twenty paragraph rant.

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What are we looking at?

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Error page when I tried to upload from URL

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I saw that happen a few days ago.

Only lasted for a minute.

Dunno what it is, tho.

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Ya freakin' brat !

You broke it first, put it back together with crazy glue and walked away while whistling, huh !

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cyanoacrylate doesnt have enough shear strength for this application

i used two part epoxy

its fine