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It will be.

Imgoat has been under attack since launch- I've put measures in place to prevent people from uploading CP and other illegal content, including manually reviewing content at least once per day. Unfortunately, it's impossible to block everything- malicious users can hind behind proxies, VPN's, and Tor.

There's also a double-standard when it comes to smaller sites versus huge ones like Imgur and Instagram. Big sites don't get dropped for the actions of just a few users, small ones do. Nothing much I can do about that, except take frequent backups, fight as long as possible, and be prepared to change hosts and CDN's if necessary. Lately, some changes have had to be made.


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Sucks, man. But thanks for your hard work.


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I noticed that a few days ago.


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hey it's sanegoat.

i've always supported you, and want to continue to support you into the future.

afaik, you run the only legit image host on the internet, and have never taken the massive personality shift the likes of atif, justin,'s owner and others.

people like you, man. really, you're an inspiration to learn to code and build sites for the good of free speech, the truth. you're one of the reasons i've done all i've done the past couple years.

sorry you're under attack and shit. any thoughts on a possible anti-cp algo that compares limb sizes of human forms in pictures (to compare kids vs. adults) and sexuality of poses/clothing (picture of kids with parents at beach vs. cp) to auto-delete it? don't know if that exists or is possible, just thinkin' aloud.

seriously. people like you and me need to make a host for sites like ours. lol jk look up holochain.


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Thanks for all your hard work disco