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I don't recommend it. Their introduction to the concept should be proof enough that they are not going to be for free speech that differs from the norm.

Weirdness in their Introduction and description of how they think this is going to work http://archive.is/D7uEF

10% for organizations, charities, and other strategic partners. Organizations like the EFF, ACLU, and others that have fought for digital rights and the security and freedom of the internet.

They're going to give 10% to the ACLU? That is funding the enemy of free speech right there.

20% for adoption programs. We’ll be giving out lots of bonus credits, especially in the early days of LBRY, in order to encourage participation. We will also look to award credits broadly, ensuring the marketplace is egalitarian.

WTF do they mean by "adoption programs"? Is that like funding "Dem Programs"?

LBRY contains a public ledger of transactions recording name purchases and published content.

Why do they need to know what I'm watching? Are they running metrics on me to make sure I'm absorbing the correct brainwashing?

Once a BitTorrent magnet hash is in the wild, there is no mechanism to update or alter its resolution whatsoever. If a LBRY name is pointing to infringing content, it can be updated or removed (but not by us).

Oh, OK. So if I make a video that hurts somebody's feels I get memory holed... right?

Penalties for profiting off of infringement are far stronger and can involve jail time, while infringement without profit only results in statutory damages.

So if I make a video that "infringes" you'll throw me in jail? I'm absolutely sure that there exist a real solid immutable standard of what constitutes "infringement"... right?

Off-chain settlement will be a requirement for efficient purchases at any significant network size. Settlement providers, ourselves included, will be able to block purchases for infringing content.

Oh you can just cut off my funding? That's not as menacing as the jail time you just threatened.

And of course, let’s not forget that LBRY users are still subject to the DMCA and other laws governing intellectual property.

So if I have a clip from a copyrighted song or video you can put me in jail?... Or worse, defund me?

Users who publishing infringing content are still subject to penalties for doing so in exactly the same way they would be via BitTorrent.

That is why bittorrent is anonymous... So penalties can be avoided.

Regulating human behavior only works when it aligns with moral norms that are shared by the majority of the population.

Wouldn't sending me for producing content on the network align with the majority's moral norms?

If it is impossible to keep drugs out of prisons, it will never be possible to enforce copyright via analogous tactics on the infinitely less-controlled internet.

Isn't that what the whole DMCA thing is?

he LBRY protocol opens the door to a new era of digital content distribution making peer-to-peer content distribution suitable for major publishing houses, self-publishers and everyone in between.

(((major publishing houses)))

We will create a world where a teenager in Kenya and a reality star in Los Angeles use the same tool to search the same network and have access to the same results -- a world where information, knowledge, and imagination know no borders.

I'm sure that the "teenager in Kenya" will enrich us all culturally by eating rats on camera for shitcoins that you made up. The height of this farce would be that Kenyan teen eating shit for shitcoins... in HD.


This is a super convoluted way of trying to make everybody happened. Or it just be a shitty attempt to create a completely different platform, that is still kosher, to roll everybody into because broadcast TV just isn't keeping the goyim asleep like it used to.

Who knows... This could be legit?

My first instinct tells me that this is just more of the same programming.


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Yes. Redundancy gud.


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Sup discoball. You've always responded to my issues, although most times I cant replicate them.

I dont have a huge preference either way. Hell, I was unaware we could even delete anything as it sits.

I would be leery, but only due to my own ignorance. If you DO choose to back stuff up, I think you should put a disclaimer somewhere on imgoat site that users can no longer delete images.

Thanks for imgoat :)


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