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https://archive.fo/OrZQG :

Yale psychologist John Bargh: ‘Politicians want us to be fearful. They’re manipulating us for their own interest' | Science | The Guardian

'Well, Bargh grins – there’s your answer.“They don’t want us to be happy; they want us to be sad. '

'This, Bargh suggests, might explain how sexual harassers can genuinely tell themselves: “‘I’m behaving like anybody does when they’re attracted to somebody else. '

'Bargh found the power-priming made no difference whatsoever to men who had scored low on sexual harassment and aggression tendencies. '

'It’s not like the black people on the show are all the criminals, and the white people are all the detectives. '

'He describes a study by a Harvard social psychologist. “It found that sad people not only buy more, but they pay more. '

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The article is worth reading in full. It discusses unconcious processes behind decision making.