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The more this goes on the less i believe this is organised left vs right shit or anything at all.

Im starting to realise its just a whole shitload of lifes rejects that have found magic bullets on the internet where someone has told them

If you say this + do this = this will happen! and if well all do it, then we will succeed!

but the more they use the words and terms that they think back them up, the more you realise *they dont actually understand a fucking word theyre saying, its literally gibberish interspersed with carefully scripted and learned issues either debunked or otherwise been dealt with historically and not relevant now.

Take 'Uncle Tom' - Now, as a non american, the way i understand it, was 'Uncle Tom' refers to someone who is pretty much a 'sonderkommando' or quisling, black dude that goes around rounding up other black dudes for whitey, votes against letting them go to integrated schools, etc. It seems to me, that 'Uncle Tom' is now 'Any black person who in anyway defends or doesnt openly attack whites'


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I think you are right in identifying a "mindless herd" component in politics. If there truly are such a large number of people in society, how did they end up that way, in the Western world?

I think that there is clearly some strong influence on many children in schools to have them think about issues in particular ways. (This is as true in Islamic schools as in politically correct ones.) The reasoning is provided, and what is encouraged is belief in the opinion. People switch off questioning, and are complacent in their views. Any "discussion" with somebody opposed to their belief is not an attempt to find ideas closer to the truth, but seen as a personal attack and an attack on what is right.

Oh, i forgot to mention, Hard Right/Left thinking is such that no moderate ideas are held. You don't have to be Far Right to be Hard Right.