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Better idea: No unnecessary censorship.


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You've been banned from v/progressive :(

@HenryCorp has banned you from v/progressive f


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Go back to R3ddit.

Edit, to add: He's got 217 subs there https://i.sli.mg/K2WMkK.png


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>being that beta with no life


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Maybe he needs to be banned - asshole.



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He's already spreading cancer here at Voat, he's modding 10 subs here already.


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And he's trying to moderate more by swapping older subverses over to his cronies.


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Even better idea still, ban henrycorp.


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It's only fair, considering he bans every user who disagrees with him in his subs. HenryCorp is too incompetent to actually debate issues, which is why he relies so heavily on banning dissent.

Just try disagreeing with a post in his subs. You'll quickly be banned--even if you post a well-supported fact.

Edit: For those who are interested, there was a call to ban HenryCorp in /v/ReportSpammers.


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Most of the leftists are like that in case you havent noticed by now. They do not stand tall on the altar of truth to appear before you, they stand on an altar of censorship, of subtle violence against you.

For too long, too many (including people like me) went through life thinking that everyone deserves freedom of speech, but little did we know that the leftists do not believe that, that they are like muslim immigrants who do not buy into the egalitarianism lie. That as a matter of fact, they do their best to undermine these values that we thought we are supposed to share.

The only reasonable thing at this point is to defend yourself against them. That means banning for leftists opinions. Banning of leftists in general. Because if you allow some freedom of speech, it will turn to leftist shitposting spam like it did on 4cuck.

These people are not your friends, they are not friendly, they are enemies and they must be treated as such. Until the right actually goes to this route and starts being heavy handed against them, the fight will go into the leftists favor.


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Reciprocity, the golden rule. Since he's desires so much to have people banned, he in turn should be more than willing himself, to be banned.


[–] eagleshigh 3 points 31 points (+34|-3) ago 

Wahhhh. Muh feelz!! Cry harder faggot.

Go ahead and shoah me. That doesn't change niggers true nature. Savage beasts.

Facts don't change because you shoah the evil people.

Go back to >Jewitt faggot.


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Maybe it's because voat actually wants speech to be free? If there's no incitement to illegality, you have no case.

If you think racists are the only ones the government cares about our monitors, you really should go back to reddit. "Right wing terrorism" is a nice catchall term, but organized white supremacists haven't committed all that much crime in the grand scheme of things in the u.s., far less than the black people they have a problem with.

For every Dylan Roof, there's a multitude of Tyrones and Deshawns.


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Not sure why

Let's fix that!

No legal subject in this universe should be out of bounds. Our aim is to build a site that serves the needs and wants of our users; one that strives for quality over quantity, and doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator in return for traffic.

Users can submit any type of legal content, questions, videos and commentary.

From the about page.

Welcome to Voat. Have your say!

I've seen shit about you floating around. I'm starting to see why.


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If you think that this is a shitty idea by him, just check out the modlogs on his subverses. He bans anyone who disagrees with him, and even banned everyone who criticized his subverserequest for /v/SouthPark (when he had been doing nothing but treating it like his Voat version of /r/notsouthpark for a month).


[–] Memorexem 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

Yeah, I've been seeing people post a lot about this substandard mod. I have a feeling I'm already banned, never even having posted in those.

I hate to do it, but maybe @Atko or @Puttitout could please weigh in and let this guy know what's up? I, personally, am for this guy being stripped of his subverses, but maybe they can make him see sense.


[–] TH3_1D10T 2 points 20 points (+22|-2) ago 

Then leave.

Free speech is a double eged sword, mate.

Want to talk freely? Then let others talk freely, even about the subject you hate.


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Want to talk freely? Then let others talk freely, even about the subject you hate.

Hah. HenryCorp would never do this. Just try disagreeing with him in the 200+ subs that he mods. You'll quickly get the ban hammer. HenryCorp is scared of debating the issues, and prefers to post mommy blogs instead of scientific sources.


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Dude, you don't get it; that organic farming agriculture naturally moved away from as technology improved in order to meet the demands of a growing population can totally feed more people than GMOs everyone has already been consuming for decades ever could! This blogspot says so!


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So like every other reddit mod, then?


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Did you know that he banned you on June 1st from all 10 of the subverses he moderates?


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Ban @HenryCorp. He stands for censorship, which is against our principles on Voat.


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His compulsive spamming and self-promotion would also be good reasons to do so. You can now Check out HenryCorpTM on Twitter as if his 200+ subreddits that ban dissent weren't enough.

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