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Wouldn't this mean that those who frequently post on popular verses are given a significant advantage?

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That's the problem, you don't necessarily have to be more active to have a higher link karma. On Reddit for example, someone who posts a few timely pictures in /r/pics is more likely to have higher karma than someone who posts multiple times a day in /r/investing.


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I'm not sure that's the best method... but I agree in principle. The ability to downvote should be EARNED. Preferably one verse at a time, giving people time to learn how each community operates, and also preventing brigading because brigaders won't meet the thresholds to downvote in their target communities.

I'd have a simpler metric. In each verse, for each mod team to set, two options...

  • users must have [this much sitewide karma] to downvote.
  • users must have [this much karma from THIS subverse] to downvote.

That should be sufficient to allow moderators to safeguard their communities from drive-by hecklers and outside interference.


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Limiting down votes or dislikes or whatever they are called will still have those that are mad about reddit changes up in arms because most of them worry about how it will affect small subs as well as voting contests. This does nothing to help people with those concerns. It also affects those that were using the RES ups and downs to determine quality of posts, unless this is only about link and post not comment points, then I withdraw.