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you have to understand there are so many cowardly faggot SJW keyboard warriors on voat that they'll use any excuse to censor users.

i actually think this is a good idea though because if these fucking faggot morons keep crying like little bitches every time they hear an opinion that puts more salt in their vagina, people can tell these cowards to stop annoying everyone and just use the ignore feature. problem solved!

CENSORSHIP & The New Tyrants:

or how to bitchslap SJW keyboard warrior mods who can't handle dissenting views.

BONUS: pathetic voat keyboard warriors get DESTROYED in a live debate trying to censor Manhood Academy

LOTS OF BUTTHURT! :) watch SJW faggots @kevdude , @THC and @nadrewod get EMBARRASSED during the debate as he wets himself trying to rebut the Academy!

BRAND NEW!: EVEN MORE keyboard warriors destroyed in another live debate!