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You are a censorship loving faggot. First you say that most people here hate racism, then you complain that this racist minority should be blocked as much as possible via auto-downloading into oblivion. If they are a minority, why are they a problem? And if they are a majority, then what the fuck do you want on their turf?  

How about you block what you don't like and leave other people alone? When will these shitty attempts to kill freedom end? Why don't you go back to reddit, they sure did a good job of removing anti-nigger and anti-fat stuff from the webpage. Why are you evan here? You do realise that people flocked over here specifically to avoid redditor assholes like you?  

And as for "new users".....if someone pisses their pants and runs away just because they read "fat people are slobs" and "niggers commit another drive by" as a thread title......who the fuck needs triggered pussies like that in here anyway.  

You are trying to ruin the one place left on the planet where anyone can say anything with no brakes attached. Block what you like, and leave others alone.


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I'm a new user here, my account only a few hours old. Fuck OP. This place is amazing compared to the alternative.


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I can't even say "moon cricket" on reddit without a ban and that's like the most adorable epithet ever. I fuckin love voat.

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I'll share a virtual can of "fresh freedom air" with you.

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[–] HitlerIsBlack [S] 15 points -14 points (+1|-15) ago 

Look, those are some of the subs I don't like, that bullshit, childish racism (derp look at da big dumb nigger posts) just makes white people look bad.So when SRS shows up and starts brigading SJW posts to the frontpage because every other user has blocked SRS's sub and given up their right to downvote it, you might feel differently. If you weren't so simple minded you might understand that this would apply across the whole community, and as such it will reflect the views of the community. If you are right that the majority likes these posts than they will still end up on the frontpage.


[–] wakkawakkadoodooyeah 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

If it's popular it gets voted to the front page you idiot! If you don't like it, have a smile and a coke and shut the fuck up! Reddit is suffering from getting rid of the /r/coontown, niggers, fatpeoplehate subreddits, and the fact that all of it's users are still there...they just go to /r/news,worldnews, healthateverysize, fashion, or fitness.

If you don't like a link...don't click on it you fucking faggot!