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It should be somewhere along the lines of the average length of time it takes people to write a X character reply.

Because really, the only time I run into it, and it is absolutely frustrating when I do, is when I get a few different replies in my inbox at once and I go through one at a time to respond to them.

Maybe something like what you did in terms of link/discussion posting. Where it is 30 seconds between but you can only do a certain number in a longer period of time to keep someone from spamming every 30 seconds indefinitely.


[–] Atko 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago 

Sounds reasonable. The timer should be taken down to say, 10 seconds when user has positive CCP in target subverse. If user reaches negative CCP in said subverse, the timer should go back up to 2+ minutes. This way, if someone decides to go nuts and spam comments, the community should be able to downvote a few of the said comments and the timer would kick in automatically. This needs some thought but we'll get it done. I too am annoyed with 2 minute delay (especially when replying from inbox).


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That sounds reasonable. I like the idea of the modifiers that encourage positive contributions and penalize in some capacity negative ones. That is the basic idea behind the post I made about considering points like a currency almost, where you spend your points on certain actions, be it posting links, starting discussions, or upvoting/downvoting. Where you get X just for being a member but you get X +or- based on positive or negative effects on the site, as measured by upvotes and downvotes, over, say the past 7 calendar days. Also would definitely need lots more thought if you were to consider going at all in that direction but like I said, I like the idea of rewarding positive behavior and penalizing negative, but still having limiting factors on how far things can go in either direction to prevent powerusers from developing and also prevent people from being unfairly and unreasonably punished by a group to the point that they cant participate at all.


[–] Negan 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

This sounds fair to me. Like you said, I think it be sub-oriented and controlled by respective CCP, that way a person can't just jump into a community they've never seen and start bashing people left and right. I get the necessity to avoid abuse, but when it gets to hindering a discussion, it can be annoying (as I've already encountered, I've neglected responses as a result).

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I like this, but I have one question about the 2 minute rule, if you try submitting within 2 minutes does the timer reset to 2 minutes or is it still 2 minutes from your last post? If its from your last post I would suggest the timer say how long until you can post, something like "You posted within 2 minutes ago, please wait 1 minute and 12 seconds to post again"