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I don't think promoting is going to be as big a problem as he thinks. People already do that on Reddit and if they're afraid of it ruining their reputation on their main account, they'll just make an alt. I didn't realize there was another thread suggesting this. I thought it might've been too simple of an idea not to have been suggested before.


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I see people are downvoting again and not giving a reason why they don't like this idea...


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This "reason for downvoting" idea has not been implemented or widely-accepted, so people are fine to downvote without stating a reason. But, I'll state my reason for my downvote.

This idea has been suggested many times before and, on some instances, I've stated my case against the idea. These ideas keep coming up, so I got into the habit of skimming and downvoting if the idea is similar enough (since I now consider it spam). I do the same with the "downvote accommodated with a comment"-type ideas that pop up here. For your sake, I will make my argument.

In response to your first point:

It'll cut down on the amount of people reposting

The concept of reposts is in a gray area. Some people think they're bad, some people don't care, and some people are in-between. This point, coupled with how it's pure speculation backed by zero empirical data, makes your statement seem empty.

making up fake stories

Again, where is your data for cause and effect? Though anecdotal, I believe people will make up stories just for the kicks. I'm sure people lied on the Internet before karma became a thing.

The people who stay won't be in it for the karma. They'll be doing it to be apart of the community and help it grow.

This doesn't seem consistent. The people who contribute to be a part of the community: will they not do that anyway? Does the removal of the karma system somehow transform these folk into well-behaved contributors like magic? People are hard to change. Despite how much karma I've obtained over the time I've been a part of this community, do you see me going around spamming reposts and memes? It'd be pretty easy for me to do, but I'd rather keep the community here well as much as I can.

In response to your second point:

People won't have a god-like amount of karma and can actually be downvoted back to where they can't downvote or upvote if they don't be civil.

Sure, this sounds like a sound idea in theory, but what about in practice? Take me as an example. It took me more than eight months to acquire over sixteen hundred comment contribution points, which is, approximately, three times more than the limit you set forth as an example. It is true that I am almost impenetrable to be lowered below the downvote restriction threshold, but what if I was limited to a maximum of five hundred?

I'd say that, as someone close to the official dev team, known by many as Voat's 'designer', I could be the target of a downvoting brigade. I've made over eight hundred comments so far, so a few members with an agenda against me could easily form a team to downvote some of my comments, putting me below the threshold. What's going to stop that from happening?

This is my argument. If you choose to respond, I kindly request that you cover all of my points, including those which ask for any evidence of cause and effect. My response to your second point couldn't be made well, so I expect that to be easily countered. However, I look forward to seeing some solid arguments in counter of my other points.


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Ok, I understand why you downvoted, I'm just glad I got a reason. I'm not against reposts but it can be annoying when people do things like claim it as their own or repost it again within days. I don't have any sources for this or the fake stories but it seemed like the logical reason people would be doing it. Maybe they are just trying to contribute to the community. I don't know for sure. There'll still be people who make up fake stories, repost things within days of eachother, and claim others work as their own but I don't think it'd be seen nearly as much.

As for the second point this is why I wish we had some kind of system in place for people to be able to report someone and have a mod to come look and see if the downvote button is being abused by them. If so they could be reset to 0 comment karma. Though with this small of a community and the fact that people are going to be more likely to upvote an important figure than downvote especially if they have an admin or developer flair. Just look at all the admins on reddit.


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You might be onto something.