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Yeah they should call it Beta though. Almost done copy/pasting code i presume

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IDK about everyone else, but this platform is being "advertised" as something different from reddit. A different platform with different rules and a different purpose. But when I log on, and it looks exactly like reddit, it starts to feel exactly like reddit. Regardless of the alpha/beta state or anything. If voat wants to be a different site, it has to look it too. It can't look this close to reddit, it won't get the respect it deserves with an interface like this.


[–] starfox1o1 [S] 1 point -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

The 'only' thing. This looks EXACTLY like Reddit with new CSS. I will stand corrected on copy/pasting but no one will take me off my opinion that it is in its essence a direct copy of Reddit with RES


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well it does say alpha.