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Just, stop. You lost, and whoever they are won. Swallow your pride, let your head shrink to normal size again, and I promise you will get over it. I know in high school it must be a huge deal to mod a sub on voat, but you're not special. This is really getting old.

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Yeah on the other post she made about the same thing that's exactly why. She would lose "her sub". Since when is it hers? It's the users' that "own" any sub IMO


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Haha "weaponization."

Oh look a social justice warrior using exaggerated language and treating some internet slight on a messageboard as the ultimate injustice of the world.

"Weaponization" haha man you guys crack me up. You and your taking posting on a messageboard as some kind of super serious thing and then chatting about it and having weird little cliques and stuff. It's awesome watching you be crazy and whiny and entitled and also simultaneously having the most incidental and trivial delusions of grandeur.

This place would be objectively better without you, no doubts about that. But it's still kind of comical watching you go around doing your thing.


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Years ago we would dial in to an individual's computer that they were nice enough to maintain. Yeah, I'm old. Anyhow, this meant we often knew each other. This really has changed. The funny thing is that people seem to take it more seriously now than ever before. Dudes, it's random pixels on a screen.


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Yeah, most people just want to have conversations and post and not deal with this drama mess all the time. Then, you have people like /u/she who wants to be in a position of authority and decide what people can and can't say and be in a position to remove conversations and silence people.

When that kind of stuff happens, people don't like it and then they end up getting dragged into all that horseshit drama. People like /u/she are awful and, while people are ultimately responsible for their own actions, people like her bring out the worst in everyone else and she just drags the entire community down with her.


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My god this reads almost exactly like Amalek


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Well, apart from the obvious.


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Moe wrote:

Preliminary checks are inconclusive.

Moe, we know that you are an ally of /u/She and that you played a principal role in /u/She's appointment to the top moderator position on /v/AskVoat. Just STFU.


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You know, I thought you were being misrepresented by a lot of the users, but this reply just made my jaw hit the desk. I'm sad to actually have to downvoat you, because this contributes absolutely nothing to the discussion.


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To be fair, I was against amaleks idea, until protect voat kept (keeps?) downvoting users indiscriminately regardless of what the user has to say or what message they are trying to get across.

She could post in tea about tea and still expect a post getting into the -10 or greater for no reason other than people sitting there waiting to downvote her to keep her down.


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Everybody seems so keen to blame protectvoat while also mocking them for being a joke and being only 300 odd subscribers. If we are so effective then why don't we push other people we hate like Rosa or toucan into negatives? It's so obvious that protectvoat doesn't have nearly the amount of power that you lot make out, you're just in denial that she pissed off most of voat.


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Yeah so we should just change the way the whole site works because she pissed off hundreds of users who downvote her because she won't step down. Seems legit.


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Well it would be fixed if we put in anti-brigading measures.



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Just quit whining already. Seriously, this "change the whole site for me" garbage is sad. Stop pissing everyone off with your tinpot dictator power grab bullshit and I bet those meanie voaters will stop downvoating you.


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Will you step down as well?



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Sure, what a brilliant idea! Lets change rules that are proven to work well, in favor of few users who are desperately trying to push their personal beliefs on everyone else. Your first example is from the sub that has massive following of whopping 20 subscribers!

All joking aside, you are pathetic. In my opinion and I'm sure majority of Voat users would agree with me, Voat is the place where people come to take a brake from life, have some fun, and voice their opinion without worrying about format or political correctness. That is what makes Voat great! Moderation, CCS, spam removal, etc ... are just tools, and should be invisible to us. If you start fucking around with that concept and start taking shit personal than you will have bad time not just on Voat, but on any other social site.

I can honestly say that I don't know name of any other moderator on Voat other than you and Shiny and I don't even subscribe to your sub!

Finally, turn of the computer and walk outside for a minute, meet some "real" humans and have fun. Trust me you will feel much better!


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again the slowing of a users ability to post after they hit a negative ccp is a positive thing for the comunity it acts as a balance in the hands of users to deal with spammers(if mods dont get them first), general shit disturbers and power mad moderators. A down voat really should be handed out with consideration from the user much like calling the police is done in real life and i really wish users would hand them out with greater care.

I dont agree with the removal of a users ability to send a message to another user that what they said was out of line or off colour. If you cannot behave in a civil manner this socity has decided that your ability to take part in it will be reduced until you prove that you can take part in a civil manner

In general yes brigades exist (both to up and downvoat) and you probably are right that they are targeting you(both positive and negative in your case), but your past behavior treating askvoat as a round of jeppordy probably has something to do with that. This point of yours is worth discussing further and i urge others to think about this prior to up/down voating you blindly.


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your past behavior treating askvoat as a round of jeopardy


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TBH if she steps down I'm sure people would get bored and she could resurrect her own account.

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