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My comment wasn't directed at you. I know this is an emotionally charged issue for some and I understand. I thought your comment was excellent and logically addressed the reasons as to why changing the CCP rules isn't a good idea. I never thought the restriction should be done way with. I commented initially commented echoing rabbits points. I then responded to him because I was hoping others would see it and take the logical route.

This back and forth isn't going to do any good but annoy people. Atko reads this stuff, I know he does. If he sees everyone having a virtual food fight, he'll probably ignore it. But if he sees rational, well thought out logic, he will pay attention. Your comment is that sort of thing and I'm hoping keeps the CCP restrictions in place because the good it does outweighs the bad.

tl;dr: my comment wasn't directed at you but essential to everyone to be more rational and less emotional. you did that and your logic and reasoning skills are very much appreciated.

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