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exactly, from the bottom of my heart @she can fuck off back to reddit / tumblr.

I come here for a sense of community and content, not petty powertripping moderators.

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I as well know next to nothing about @She, but from what I understand, she did a pile of stuff that users don't like, was downvoted to oblivion. This however hasn't outright eliminated her ability to post, just hindered it.

So she's gotta wait an extra 5 minutes between posts... we've all been there. It's called having a new account.

@She made a mistake, and it cost her a pile of CCP (less relevant), and her ability to post unrestrictedly (more relevant).

Guess the solution to that, if you want to keep a hold of your post history, is patience. When you've got thousands of people pissed off at you, you're not going to be able to "go back to the way it was before that" instantly. Shit's going to take some time, maybe months or longer. Make small, relevant replies to other topics, try to be less controversial. People are obviously watching for your name, so you're just gonna have to live with that. Time to essentially start that post history over, and start acting like a new, good Voat user. Stepping down as mod would probably help, as a ton of people have requested that, and anything presently modded by She is going to be highly scrutinized and criticized. Probably just best to cut that out entirely, and lay low for a long time.

Sorry @She, a lotta people don't like you right now. Shitty deal, but that's how it is. You can keep bitching and complaining all you want, but that's just drawing more attention to you, and that ain't helping you. Lay low, accept that your mod privileges are basically forfeit, maybe step down, and see if you can earn enough respect amongst your peers to become a mod again. I realize that in the real world, nothing much happens to politicians who do stupid things, but on Voat, people actually get a say in things.

So yeah, just my two cents, about someone whom I know nothing about... just a broad idea of the situation as a whole.


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Also, is @she wrong in asking for the ability to post tea related things to /v/tea?

Are users wrong to post things that aren't against the rules?

Flip that "censorship" crap around on her all day long, because it all fits, and far better on her than the massive amount of people downvoting her. Oh yeah, her situation is not actually censorship, it's inconvenience - while the opposite is not true.

Like this very post - it might be disagreed with, but the downvote button is supposed to be used for spam or off topic things.

I love how everyone seems to think that they can tell others how to use the functionality available to them. Guess what? The 'remove post' button is supposed to be used for spam or other things that are specifically against the rules.

tl;dr - when every single argument you make is a better argument if you switch who you're defending with who you're attacking, your argument sucks.