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You explained it better than I ever could.

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All I have to say is this

And this is just to the point of the concept of Reddit 2.0, and a bit of wisdom. Remember, to prevent Reddit 2.0, does not mean becoming the opposite of reddit. Becoming Anti-SJW doesn't necessarily solve any problems and just makes us an equally toxic and opposing force. We should take care to remember that they way @she acted, not her beliefs are what is being incriminated her, and it was her biases, not the beliefs themselves, that failed.

Because freedom of speech means having any view point YOU like. You cannot force your view point on others is all, whether you are left, right, or somewhere in between. You must also be willing to realize when you fucked up, how you fucked up, and why you fucked up. Freedom of speech also means the freedom for other to critique, and the freedom to defend.

Nothing is entitled in freedom really, freedom is actually a lack of entitlement. Freedom means, "If you want this, you have the ability to earn it, nothing more." You aren't a slave, but nothing in life is just given out.

So to get back on topic. Do not bastardize her just because of her beliefs, otherwise we are no better than any religious spewing anti-science, any anti-equality racist. To be better means calling them out on their actions, not their beliefs.


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pack it up...


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Pack it up??