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Why should trolls be silenced? (In this comment u/she threatens to ban a troll) (In this comment u/she bans a troll and gives a little smiley face to emphasize that she enjoyed banning this troll)

So @she you tell us. Why did you silence this troll?

(And before her white knights come in here sputtering about manhood101- I am posting this in response to her comments which seem to imply that trolls should not be banned- I guess she is making an impassioned plea for speech rights and forgot that she banned a troll from her sub just yesterday).


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Phenomenal catch. I award you the first ever @she gold!


Archive, just in case


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Don't forget that /u/she also threatened to ban someone from /v/askvoat over a question that said 'What is your favorite sub and why is it /v/askgoat?'

For spamming and being a troll.

In her world, free speech is only for her.


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AHAHAHA, that's fucking gold. I'll post this to bestof.

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Don't forget that she deleted posts that weren't actually against the rules at all!


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But that was clearly okay, because it was rule number one in the sub.



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You could ask to fix vote brigading itself so that what happens to you doesn't happen ever again before you ask to get your ccp privileges back.


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Manhood101 are trolls that sometimes get downvoated and sometimes don't. This isn't an issue but they also leave behind a link to their website which is promotion. Promotion is something that should be silenced and I don't consider it censorship even if they wrap it in a package that doesn't seem like promotion. Trolls cause disruption for the purpose of disrupting and creating chaos. Differing points of view is not what I consider to be a troll.

Yes, you are correct, people with differing points of views are lumped in with trolls and subjected to the same treatment that spammers and actual trolls receive.


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Even with all those upvotes, that account still has negative karma.

I trust voaters to eliminate shit like that through downvotes.