[–] Tempest311 ago 

I'd love to see a voat sub that show scammers getting owned.

That would be so cathartic.

[–] tony2shirts ago  (edited ago)

You mean like the indian scammers? They use VOIP for calling you... makes them virtually untraceable.

[–] Chronik [S] ago 

Yes, I'm thinking about those type of scammers. Indian, nigerian, ...

Bitcoins, "I need help"-ones, dating, helpdesk, ...

I do know about voip but I'm sure they do make mistakes or leave breadcrumbs.

[–] tony2shirts ago 

Check out a YT channel called "scammerrevolts". That will help you on your path to fucking with scammers. He even has a forum to teach people how to do it themselves, with lists of numbers people post.

[–] Diggernicks ago 

Not your personal army you newfag nigger

[–] Chronik [S] ago 

Newfag? I think I'm here long enough 🙄

Personal army? I do not need an army. I would just love to see justice happen. Any idea how many people are affected by them? No, not me nor anyone related to me. But for example, in my small country, 4-5 people are scammed each day by the "helpdesk of microsoft". I see this as a white hat project to help people.

Btw, I hope voat isn't infected with ppl like you by now..