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It for secure comms.

Reddit refugees think the site is dead.


[–] Jagon ago 

Thats why the person who did this did it. Make people think there is no content. Maybe too many refugees, and this gets rid of the lazy fuckers.

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Yeah Feds, fix this shit, mang.

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Did we die?

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Oh good, I thought I was in purgatory!

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Here's what is what. @gabara is @Puttitout. He is also @TyroneDeNeggero. Well Tyrone managed to get a post to the top of the front page. A first for one of Putts alts, so he froze the page. Like a trophy.

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I know who putts is. I know many things that I will take to muh graves and sheeit.

[–] GhostBalls [S] ago 

Plot twist: Putts is Spez.

[–] ifuckdolphinseverday ago 

I like it the way it is

[–] TyroneDeNiggero ago