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I had a few too many HITS. But I was still a bad boy. I shoved my entire COCK up my FEMAL KITTEN'S pussy. She was bleeding very badly. I called the VET and told them what I did. They were VERY MEAN TO ME and I HAVE RIGHTS so I told Doctor Jenkins to FUCK OFF then I though the CUNT in the TRASH CAN (IT was still breathing). Then I CALMED DOWN and a few drinks and did a ROSARY. Tomorrow I am going to the pound and getting another Kitty!! I am going to call her "BUBBLES". I will use LUBE this TIME and NOT shove it ALL THE WAY IN (I was being silly the first time). Thanks for all the support and well wishes. I love my VOAT Family. We need to STICK together. Jesus is LORD he is our LAMB. Bless you!!!