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Hello everyone, creator of /v/Scribble, here. I was alerted to this post by /u/Moe.

First off, let me say: I am so immensely sorry this has caused an issue. I didn't know that it was that big of a deal. I figured that, were the block button and unsubscribe buttons so vital, people could disable their styling for a second, and that if they really were that vital, they could be forced, the way that the "Disable Subreddit Style" is on reddit. The only method I used to hide these buttons was a simple "display: none," and didn't think it was as dickish a move as I now see it to be.

Please do not go after Oaken, as this was actually a problem with my code. During the process of creating the style for /v/Pics, I actually removed the button for aesthetic reasons, and forgot to add it back in before giving him the code for the sub. This was my fault, and my fault alone. For this, I am absolutely sorry. I will be fixing this on all fronts.

To remedy this situation, I am removing the addon to hide the block button, and will be removing the option from my customization site. This is no longer an acceptable bit of code, and will remove it from any sub I have direct control over. Once again, I apologize for any frustration that this has caused, and want everyone here to know that it was never my intention to prevent people from doing anything, but simply done for design purposes. Now that I see the issue as it really stands, I understand how foolish it was to provide this addon, and want to help make it right.

FYI /u/AtheistComic


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Hey it's really nice to have some context after all this happened. Thank you for sharing and it's good to know that you didn't intend on preventing unsubscription or blocking at a css level... that it was more for aesthetic purposes the element was hidden.

Now Voat actually parses the css when you add it from what I can tell so they could potentially filter out display:none; calls... because those will break the site... or at least have protected elements. So this could be fixed at a voat dev level.


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Oh it could definitely be fixed on a dev level. Look at what reddit did with their theme buttons on each subreddit: they prevent you from even touching the checkbox with CSS. Like I said, all Voat needed to do is simply add " style='display: inline-block !important'" to their HTML code for that button, and my addon would have been rendered useless. That being said, I never intended to force Voat to make changes just because of my theme, and I see how it can be a necessary button to have. That is why I have elected to remove that addon from my theme and its customizations. Note that, while I no longer provide the code, it can still easily be hidden, regardless of the theme someone chooses.