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I agree with /u/Octocopter. Users should be able to choose to display a list of the subverses from which they are banned on their profile. Just like we can do with subscribed subverses already.

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That's definitely reasonable.

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I find myself often agreeing with @Octocopter, PeaceSeeker. Not for everything, but generally he is a goat of good judgment. As seen here he helps builders like @TheBuddha with constructive ideas and words of support. He knows when to go on the attack, too. I've seen him spend many hours bravely fighting pernicious pedophiles, like he mentions here. Octocopter seems like a good man.

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Make it option like how you can show your sub subscriptions and I am all for it.

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That seems reasonable.

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Also, I think I may have mentioned this in a previous SIBT thread. I'm not sure.

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Here's my list:

1- GreatAwakening

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I'm not banned from that one, I don't think.

I am banned from one of the QRV subs, but I forgot which one it is. I was banned almost as soon as the sub was created. qresearch, or something like that.

Oh, wait... The name might be v/protectQRV. I think... I dunno and I'll be damned if I'm gonna go check.

Edit: I checked. That's one.