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Sorting by Old make sense. Doing so for posts in /v/all would be a niche use, since the posts that would come up would be the same every time. In a thread, old comments are useful to search for in every new thread since there are always new threads, so the feature has repeated use. Not so if sorting submissions.

And we can already sort by Hot, New, and Top. Sorting by intensity for posts would be another niche application, depending on how far back you could choose to go.

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Sorting by Old in an educational subverse you have just found was my main thought, in v/all it would be a one time thing I guess, unless you had the option of sorting by old>day/week/month/quarter/year, which would be useful in finding new things you may have missed in very slow or very high posting times.

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Within subverses the sorting would certainly make sense, I agree.