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[–] Calvin [S] 5 points 24 points (+29|-5) ago  (edited ago)

I think that should actually be bumped up to 18 years old and be stated somewhere on the front page.

edit: updated the title thanks to moe. Thank you moe.


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I don't think Voat should be excluding anyone it doesn't have to. I'm not sure establishing itself as an 18+ Website is going to be a better PR move than being an inclusive website with some 18+ subverses. As it is the subverse system is trusted to silo offensive content. Shouldn't we trust it to handle 18+ content as well? It just seems like an unnecessary move that will exclude people 13-18 from participating in the many non-adult communities on the site.


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Log in and registration pages as well.

18 would be nice.


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A. Why? Teenagers are inherently a significant portion of the users. It seems like a lot of voaters just want to act like snobs by applying arbitrary restrictions

B. Teenagers have no problem lying about their age


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I just don't agree. It may be because of my relatively still young age (20) but I feel that there are plenty of people under the age of 18 who can still contribute to the conversation. The whole idea that once people turn 18 are gonna change or be more mature then before is silly anyway. There are reasonable mature 16 year olds just like there are immature 40 year olds.