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>can participate

>cannot vote, as in the name, voat

I am fine with temp bans. And that would be commenting, submissions, votes. With the ability to appeal. As soon as imaginary internet points or numbers as validation are coupled with autism wars means bad bahaviour were sprout up.

Hate shadow bans on principle. Or partial bans.

I say this as someone who got one of the warnings. Don't know if it was because I pretty much auto upvoted derram archive bot, auto downvoted the search bot, auto upvoted additional lewds in lewd posts, or got into an autism war on /v/gaming.

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That’s basically shadow banning of a more mild form. Slippery slope. Why not make every downvote impact both the post and the user at the same time? Then you downvote your self every time you downvote someone. At least for middle class CCP users it would have a tangible cost.

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You really are a disrespectful pile of shit aren’t you?