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This is actually a great idea!

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Can you move to upvote barrier to 100ccp like downvotes? Would cripple vote manipulators who make an alt, use its 20 upvotes, then rinse/repeat.

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This is also a good idea. Dry up the supply, starve them out.

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Have the barrier move. As the account ages + activity level.

Sleeper accounts suddenly rampage at will.

New accounts seemingly rampage out the gate.

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this is how out of touch kevdud is @puttitout and also how retarded he is.

anyone using new alts to upvoat is fucking retarded, the 10 ccp is adequate. 100 doesn't take long to get. I'm going to let you in on a secret. you just need 4-5 100 accounts. I can do it with 2 if needed. I'm stopping right there if putt wants to know more he can pm me.

All these restrictions only hurt voat from growing is that the goal? you are listening to the wrong people


plus new accounts only get 10 upvotes faggot @kevdude

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I think posting links to another voat page would be ok. I can't see much room for abuse there, but I could be dumb.

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I disagree because I had a single guy go through my comment history, yesterday, giving downvotes until the system stopped him, not just to the ones from whatever post pissed him off.

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goon squad

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Set everything (submissions, upvoting, downvoting, link sharing) to 100ccp and call it a day.

[–] Crensch [S] 1 points 16 points (+17|-1) ago 


I actually like this one.

Why should someone that hasn't even contributed a hundred CCP be able to upvote things?

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I like it because it guts why spammers spam: Links. Take links away from spammers and they have little incentive to spam.

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INB4 Dial reeeeees about this idea as it would really fuck with his MO.

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Why should someone that hasn't even contributed a hundred CCP be able to upvote things?

The other issue are the accounts that are downvoting things to hide them. There are various forms of censorship and mass downvoting something is one of them. That's a big problem I have with other sites. Yes, they may "allow" you to post something, but then it'll mysteriously and suddenly get downvoted outta sight. People here are smart enough to know this, but come on, the game is rigged and the "front page" on other sites is just advertising what they want you to see. Hell, the past two years (more?) have been brought to you by Marvel...

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I'm sort of new here and really don't care about internet points but I just looked and I have -39 CCP. What does that even mean?

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This is the best idea so far.

The CCP should be tuned so that it acts as a break on how fast attitudes and site demographics can change.

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I've reported that spammer so many times I lost count, I like this idea.

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Maybe get rid of all the assholes I don't like, then it'd be just to cool people.

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Good Plan.

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So the Jews?

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Why would you join a new website and submit links right away? If you had some truly important info you would just post it in the top thread and ask someone to repost it. 100 CCP sounds good.

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Whatever it takes. Build the wall ten feet higher.

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Throw broken glass on top and have machine gun towers every 100 yards.

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I appreciate that, kind stranger.

I don't honestly think it will effectively keep legitimate-seeming links from being visited. This is Voat. I bet if we could track such things, downvoted-to-collapsed comments are likely read at the same rate as the lowest non-collapsed comments.

If the link-breaking is automatic, it doesn't even inconvenience you, just the reader that wants to see, and if your words are otherwise decent, they'll put it together themselves without a problem, IMO.

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Join the club. I've been stuck since the Boomer Q tard invasion.

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Meh. It takes me a rain/snow day to get back to unrestricted status.

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I'd tend to agree with a higher number, to get past those who get CCP for simply replying.

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I actually wouldn't mind that, either.

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