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We don't have friends, fuck you.

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Upvoated for it's clarity.

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When we get to the bottom we go back to the top of the stack....

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Downvoted for unnecessary rudeness. Behaving like that demeans this site as a whole. Are you a sexually frustrated middle schooler?

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EDITED - I can't read for comprehension when it's late.

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Fuck YEAH. I'd pay a premium to know money went to someone who shares my cause, and ancestry.

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I’m sure most of us would contribute to these places but no business that takes payments from credit cards would be cut off before the first transaction could be made.

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They could make a front voat, like moat.co, and not let anyone sign up and just take money to spend on voat. Not sure why people want to throw money at everything though. I have a forum, costs are about 10 bucks a month. Granted I only let in a certain offshoot of people. They think silencing voat is awesome, they don't see what goes on in my forum lmao. Guess what they can't see isn't a threat. LOL

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Will be interested to see how long the tarrant jersey place keeps 'em coming.

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I would gladly purchase bumper stickers and key chains posters etc. It is a good way to see if we relate to somebody

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But there must be business that would like to be associated with Voat

like which one ?

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Well there's already Pia and catbox. Must be more.

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and what has any,even medium sized business to gain from publically being associated with Voat?

there are no businesses for now which exclusively targets 'alt-right'(or whatever you call it).

even these 2A supporting companies aim at getting popular among "america first, Israel our greatest ally" type Trump supporting 'patriots'.