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or TWVTANGOU, for short.


Also, see here. Putt has acknowledged the issue.

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Hypothetical conflict victory. Sure, yeah. This is like for a screen play. What a one freedom fighter would say to another right? Thoughts? appologies for the spelling. this was made hastilly and done in the hopes I wont be tracked.

y'all need to stop being such pussies and start acting IRL Im an american of mexican decent and even I know that the time to exercise the purpose of the first and second ammendment was ten years ago. Good job being cowards. nothin on here should be done until after the next election cycle. Prep the hard shit for the inevitable riots/protests.

  1. The fist ammendment was not to talk about policy, but to call for the blood of politicians
  2. the second ammmendment was not to defend against criminals, but to shed that blood.
  3. The idgets that want to balkanize the US are merely awaiting there death blow with their head in the sand.
  4. A great crusdade must be waged. The world must be cleansed of the degenerates and those of niggardliness (historically this meant the jew, now the nig nog, and the sand nig. Funny how every source of degeneration is already a nig)
  5. Even if you're an atheist, join religion. The dems are defiling my people (mexi's) with niggardliness and using them against you. But they are an army that can be set against the nigs of every type, and if the nords and an army of berzerkers and jaguar warriors can stop the hordes of islamists and fags
  6. There is no such thing as racism. There is worry for the legacy of ones fore-fathers and worry for the lives of ones decendants. E Pluribus Unum. The nigs are degrading this.
  7. The following is how to accelerate, of to retaliate, and how to win.

Acceleration. Low viz A.) This is not a gorilla war. if you shoot up mosques or synagogs you're fighting like a sand nig. We conquered afghanistan with 14 dudes by fighting like westerners. Be a conquistador, a collonizer, a freedom fighter. Not a goat fucker you fucking goats. Logistics. War is won through Logistics. Financial damage is far worse than physical. And the best way to do financial damage is to attack the enemies work. This does not mean their place of work, but all their work. Buy sodium silicate (pottery glaze) 100% purity preferable. at night, go the the homes of your enemy and pour it into their gas tanks. half a 20oz bottle will do. It will destroy their engine and its low visibility for you. You can do it casually each night to a few and never get caught. But how many tens of thousands of dollars will you cost your enemy in replacing the vehicle? What hardships will they experience just getting groceries? will they be forced to ride the bus with all us plebs? the answer to all of these is KEK. B.) target hijabi's and sand nigs mostly. They will spontaneoulsy ignite at a certain point and drive a wedge into the enemy and red/black pill normies. C.) Freedom of the press is not the journalists, but of the printing press. In this spirit, translaste those spicy anti-gay/anti jew memes into arabic. Buy industrial spray glue and 'post' them all over hijabi infested areas. For bonus points include quotes from the quaran. try to reference Juj e Majuj (gog and magog) and appeal to their sense of being gods warriors. D.) strole around town, and when you see vehicles with government plates or pro-american stuff, carve NAZI into the hood at night. E.) go to a neighborhood with a high dem/libtard population. Place trump bumper stickers on cars in a manner which hopefully will incite neighbor against neighbor. Should be especially effective in the comming year.

Notes: A.) pick a spot at least 5 miles away from your home or work. make that your false 'home' so you can't be triangulated based on radius of quest events. B.) tell no one. not online. not IRL. not on a phone. You ARE being watched. basically with all the tech now, you need to act schitzophrenic. Look up project 'weeping angel'. Even your TV is watching you. Welcome to 1984. C.) when buyinh supplies, wait at least 3 months before using. This means 3 months from the last time you baught anything. If the algorythmes are tracking you, then you need to wait for a human operator to get bored, and you need to let the machines reset. If you wanna go full out, build up an online profile like that of the enemy. Donate to obviously corrupt enemy institutions. This might confuse the algorythmes. Once you're tagged for surveilance, bide your time. D.) you only have 3 minutes to complete a mission and escape. Every minute more and you should assume you increase chances of capture by 10% cummulatively E.) buy ultra baggy clothing from good-will or some other donation store. It should be loose enough to wear a full set of clothing underneath and remove within a few minutes. Bonus points if it has school symbols that can throw the cops off your trail F.) Facial recognition is going to get real real soon. Learn how to do movie style makeup. You need to be able to trick the cameras G.) Gait recognition is just as recognizeable as facial. wearing shoes with wedges in them on the front of the foot should throw off your gait enough to make you unique. Alternatively, elastic bands attached to the hips and the heel of the shoe could do the same thing. H.) miss spell things, when typing. make the algorythmes work for it. Preferably if you need to send messages use code symbols (templar, runic, cyphers) in a written letter. bonus points for using Frixxion eraseable pens. applying heat (lighter) will cause the ink to dissapear. Applying cold (freezer) will make it re-appear.

Active measures A.) on thursday nights, fill a super soaker full of pigs blood and spray down the front door of a mosque. hijabis are the best bet to accelerate. They are your bombs. you just need to light the fuse. B.) Buy zanzibar communis and make some sweet sweet rye-sin. preferably grow the plant and wait a season, but once you have the bean bake it at 500f until it forms white ash. This is the rye-sin. buy a BB gun and a van. go DC sniper on people. If you can snipe people for weeks with a high power rifle in the middle of a city and not get caught, whats gonna happen when there isn't an explosion. Targer hijabis. They're high viz and it helps ignite the match. If theres gonna be a spike in hate crimes, may as well make them real C.) a fire extinguisher can be converted into a flame thrower with a pneumatic fitting and an air compressor. Its one shot, and you have to go full bore or you'll blow yourself up, but 1/4 waterbottle of gasoline will make a flame 50ft long and it can be pre-pressurized to 400PSI. Bonus points if youn figure out how to place the igniter to a model rocket in the upper portion of the tank. This will make a big big boom and not so much effort is needed. Can probably place inconspicously near a target as well. D.) wait for a gas station to get a re-fill in an affluent neighborhood. Get an RC car with a bunch of highpower rifle rounds facing up. Drive it under the fill truck and get that bitch to burst. Try to ignite it. Drive the affluent into poor neighborhoods for gas and create social tension. E.) go on a road trip and start some forest fires. When they go into full swing and fire equipment is diverted, light up some wheat or corn fields. F.) go to homes or buisnesses of the enemy, go to the power meter and rip them tf out hard (otherwise an arc weld will occur) destroy the meter if possible. Bonus points if you're brave enough to short the mains. G.) power substations are kept cool through large vats of xylene. boom boom baby

final thoughts.

you are NOT an operator. you are NOT a soldier. at best you ARE a sabateur or an assassin. to be part of the revolution you must be prepared to give your life, but not ready to.

All Men Must Die. All Men Must Serve. Pay The Debt

this is bigger than the white race. This is about the human race. Will we degenerate into animals to be enslaved by the next species that arises, or will we build the dream of the west? to become philospher warriors who conquer the stars? The boomers set the countdown, its our job to stop the clock before its too late.

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Or people could just do what was asked of them, and follow US law. Hopefully while there at that also ceasing to feed the shills.

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So your solution to the canary problem is to have a new canary that will have the same problems? If I were Putt, I would not agree to this because it forces me to live life around updating a canary. That's fine if Voat were a large company with many people to maintain the site, but Putt is doing all the work. Your solution just makes an unreasonable demand on Putt's time and does nothing to protect anyone on the site. This isn't the answer here. This will just make people get crazy if the canary update is late by even a short time. We already have people frothing at the mouth for updates and all other manner of demands on Putt's time.

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Or putt could just tell the government to fuck off and stop overstepping their boundaries