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Browse by new! It’s a great way to see Voat’s seedy underbelly of under-appreciated posts.

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This is the correct answer. Start at v/new then when you're getting bored visit the front page to see what has sifted through the shit filter

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It's not "v/new"... it's v/all/new.

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The subverse you were looking for has been disabled and is no longer accessible If you are a moderator of this subverse you may contact Voat for information regarding why this subverse is no longer active

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That doesn't help me at 3am when there's one post an hour.

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We will implement this via a package (port of AVE), not in the core of Voat itself.

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This and hiding submissions from blocked users are both highly desired features and Voat agrees they would be great, but there are technical issues with actually implementing it which has prevented these such features from being introduced.

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I would personally love to not have to see u/theoldones begging for child porn,Repeatedly, And again for good measure.

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Yeah, that dude's pretty weird. Don't like having to converse with pedophiles.

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post self incriminating evidence! i dare you! what? you mean you won't do it?? PUSSY

u/theoldones in a nutshell

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See my link downthread. High database burden worsened by high traffic.

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Do you think you could elaborate? I'm pretty curious how specifically these things intertwine.

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Not sure why this would be difficult. User to post join table that tracks posts a given user has chosen to hide. Make sure it gets cleaned up on post delete

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It's magic

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Voat users sure love to cry like babies about places like reddit being safe spaces for faggots, meanwhile crying like babies because voat is not safe enough.

The extreme cognitive dissonance here is worthy of a study.

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Wanting to curtail one's own user experience is not the same as wanting to censor other people.

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I remember reddit had a feature that is you voted on something it would hide the post. If you're really looking for new posts though, why not just brose /v/all/new?

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Most modern browsers since ie was first created have implemented the visited link option. Your link changes color so you know you have been to it.

There is also a factor that this does use cpu cycles up so it isn’t a very friendly code option.

I’d rather have post by X user blocked.

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Or have it hidden once you voat on it.

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If there are certain users that you want to block, it's easy with a Greasemonkey script. For instance, this is what I use:

// ==UserScript==
// @name        Voat Post Filterer
// @namespace   http://vvvvvvooooooaaaaattttt.co
// @description Filter Voat Posts By Username
// @include     https://voat.co/v/*
// @include     https://*.voat.co/v/*
// @include     https://voat.co/new*
// @include     https://*.voat.co/new*
// @include     https://*.voat.co/
// @include     https://voat.co/
// @version     1
// @grant       none
// ==/UserScript==

var blockedUsers = new Array("gabara", "gramman74", "GhostSkin", "BrainStemNemesis", "shadow332", "I_EAT_DIARRHEA", "Aged", "Not_Mattvision", "Zacchaeus", "CwfAww", "mp4box", "Cannibalguy", "Shekelsteinblatt", "jvrdxn", "TwoTonTessy", "NinjaNipples", "John22"); 

var divas, name, aa;
var divs = document.getElementsByTagName("div");
for (var a=0; a<divs.length; a++) {
  bb = divs[a].getAttribute("class");
  if (bb!=null && bb.indexOf("submission")!=-1) {
  divas = divs[a].getElementsByTagName("a");
  for (var b=0; b<divas.length; b++) {
    name = "";
    aa = divas[b].getAttribute("class");
    if (aa!=null && aa.indexOf("author")!=-1) {
     name = divas[b].getAttribute("data-username");
     if (blockedUsers.indexOf(name)!=-1) {
        divs[a].setAttribute("style", "display:none!important; visibility:hidden!important;");

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