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Been working on something like this for a while.

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That's great! I don't have the tech knowledge to help, maybe others will see this and help.

Maybe a url-link line where tracks from the FNGT could also be entered.

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I wrote a scraper to pull all youtube links from which ever music sub i want, it makes a playlist and then plays the audio and streams it to a relay for others to listen to.

I'm not sure if that's the approach i should do or if i should instead download the audio and stream that or, if the player just does everything on the fly. I'm still planning and testing, don't have anything definite yet.

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Hey @fusir, when you get time is this something you might be interested in?

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So I guess I need to know more about what you want. Did you want it to play past songs in the sub past the first page? Did you want it in order or shuffled. Did you want it to play on the same page as the sub.

So @sakuramboo has the idea of using a youtube playlist then playing that. An alternative is using the youtube api to embed a player specific to any youtube url and detecting end of video events to play the next one.

So everything involved in that exists in this https://js.lifelist.pw/u/wchat. I do know that the youtube api also describes building and modifying temporary playlists live. Just like I've played a video in my wchat you can append another video to the player while it's playing and append further and further. I just didn't need that in mine but the documentation of the youtube api spend most of its time talking about that.

That would help you play on the same page with a userscript and not have to have a youtube account to attach the playlist to.

This user was imported by wchat so it's relevant: https://js.lifelist.pw/u/ytplayer

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@Searchvoat, is this something you might be interested in helping on?

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Thanks for thinking of me, and it's a cool idea, but I don't have the skills or the inclination to tackle this one!

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That's cool, had to ask. Thanks for all you are already doing. You help make Voat that much more interesting and usable.

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The only way I could see this working would be if a user left the subverse feed open, and Voat, one by one, expanded the youtube videos or whatever so that they played, but it would have to have some way of knowing when one video ended so that it could collapse the expando and move on to the next one. With packages and Voat AVE, the subverse feed will be one long page, so in the event that a feature like this were developed users could just leave /v/PaddysPub/new open, for example, and one by one all the expandos would play.

This isn't something Putt is going to put time into, however, and I'm also not sure how sophisticated such a feature would have to be -- it might require that Voat become more intrusive than it is known to be in terms of data collection.

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As I said, I don't have the tech background to know much. My thinking is it would be a way to build a list, by selecting the tunes you want, and the having that list played on their native sources. It looks like this would have to be a 3rd party app that would only use Voat as a source to select the urls from and then play them in order.

Maybe it's just an idea that won't work, but I had to ask. Thanks for replying.