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Lol thanks looks like I'm a troglodyte too

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Me too

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That option should be on by default. I've had that tag mention shit happen to me before, it was annoying and gay.

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Thanks, I didn't know this option was there. It is stupid for it to be off by default.

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So that is what is going on. I got pinged a few times on subject I had never discussed nor had any modicum of expertise in. That last one I just ignored because the pinging of me was just too stupid.

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Same here. It's fucking annoying. I don't respond to anons.

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Speaking as an old fag online, my guess is they get you to reply, then wait a white and edit their post. Then it looks like you're engaged in some kind of exploitable conversation.

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I agree!

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they are rejects from Reddit.

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I just called them a bunch of nigger faggots.

Like this shit: https://voat.co/v/ProtectVoat/3029795/16710841

From the white knighting beta faggot @WhiteRonin

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Why you pinging me, fagget?

You couldn’t find a fat jelly roll again?

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