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We have the code for this already, it is just that the performance on it is horrible and a bit buggy based on concurrency issues and cache.

I agree with everything you state and we will address this when we can.

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Wow, that's great to hear, thanks!

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I brought this idea up three months ago, but you explained the concept a lot better than I did. I am glad to see the admin is on board and will get to it when practical.

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I'd also like a block all 'Anon' posts. Why should waste my time reading someone who doesn't even have the balls to use their fake user name on their posts.

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Yeah I'd like that option too. Sometimes anon posting is alright, but most of the time its just a shit show.

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By people with no balls.

The two main things I'd like on VOAT is that and a real block user function. The current block user function doesn't block enough or very well. If I block someone I want it to be like they never existed.

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It's about informational priority. Anchoring a name to a passage of information leaves open another vector of understanding and also potentional corruption.

Maybe you haven't spent as much time on chans as you think you have.

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I haven't spent ANY time on the chans. I just don't want to see Anon posts since they are about 99% crap ... "I cut my toenails today"

If you want them fine but give me a way to opt out.

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We already have that option. You can anonomyize posts in a subverse. If people liked it, more people would do it.

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Thats not what I'm talking about. On voat, in an anon thread each post is anon. Theres no way to tell if the same user is posting multiple times in the same thread. On 4chan you can see the previous posts an anon made in the same thread. I'm suggesting switching to that for the reasons I stated in my OP.

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If I'm posting in an Anon thread and I remember I like to post my user name at the bottom