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It'd be nice if bots had the option to "post as a bot" so their comment showed at the end of other comments with the same vote count etc. Would also be nice if there was a formatting tag that allowed everything inside it to be defaulted as collapsed.

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Derram would lose 90% of his ccp. I always felt he should have used a separate account for his bot. It's like he is gaming the system- intentional or not.

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I'm not fussed by Internet points but I still like them so am also a hypocrite :)

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I've never seen him post anything but those bot links. Has he?

[–] 1moar 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

He has, mostly furry related but he provides a service of sorts so I don't trip. He doesn't come across as a problem user.

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If a thread is 30min old and has 1 or 2 comments, it's derram and that other bot I'm forgetting the name of. Just a good rule of thumb for this stuff.

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Standard on every jewtube and twatter post