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What about a function within edit that allows the poster to move their submission to another subverse themselves?

So using the example from @think- in pizzagate, if something violates one of their rules, the OP can choose to move their submission to pizzagatewhatever.

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Sounds like a good idea.

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I support the idea. (I'm a v/pizzagate mod). I think the admins have already been discussing this.

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I'm not even remotely in support of this. It leaves the entire site up to moderator abuse where moderators can just toss anyting into any other subversive they're allowed to toss it into.

Also there would have to be some kind of log for this. Another log people would have to trawl through to see when a mod has done something wrong.

They can make another submission to the proper subverse with the current functionality just fine

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That ☝🏻

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I think the rules of the sub in question would need to be adjusted. Re: v/pizzagate, we could, f.i., state that submissions about the sexual assault of adults will be moved to v/pizzagatewhatever by the mods.

That's the most frequent case of a rule 4 violation on v/pizzagate.

Edit: spelling

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I think it would only work in a situation where one can safely assume that most users are honest on this plateform. But realistically speaking, there is too much potential for abuse. Think about the consequence, where mods can just toss submissions around.

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Well, I admit I selfishly thought that it would make my own life as a mod easier... ;-) I actually hadn't thought about mods possibly abusing their power.

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To append:

It would give mods another line they would have to draw to determine whether something should be deleted or tossed somewhere else and the wrong choice there could cause problems just as the wrong choice with other things has caused problems.

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Well, I just see it as an alternative option in case of a post we would have to delete per rule 1 or 4, where giving an edit flair wouldn't make any sense. (Talking about v/pizzagate only, here.)

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No. Fuck off back to reddt.