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They already got that setting here, bud.

Well, i know it works for title mentions but idk about comment mentions done anonymously.

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I know, but the angle I was going for was a parallel anon Voat community.

I imagine people who disable anon pings don't want to use anon subverses anyway. If they enable anon pings then they'll never know who is pinging them anyway.

Why not cut out the middle man and if someone wants to use an anon sub then they can just go do that and create a designator, 8chan style, to communicate with other anons who clearly are there anyway to hide their actual username.

No censorship happens and it would give Voat another feature and make it more appealing to everyone in my opinion.

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How about go fuck yourself with that anti-free speech bullshit. Instead of trying to come up with ways to stop people from speaking how they want, how about you grow a pair and realize that vote stands for free speech.

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I think you replied to the wrong post.

He didn't say anything about censorship.

He was talking about a feature voat already has.

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Well fuck me raw. I did. Goddamit. I'll leave that shit to own my shame.