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Reddit had the option for mods to create a wiki attached to their sub. It performed that function pretty well. As it stands though, you could create a stickied post, or link to one in the sidebar.

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Does anyone have the pic from when the guy who made the Witcher got into a fight with all the SJW's about not having enough POC in his game?

The trolling gets pretty vicious by the end, and he reveals he is in fact, not someone they can push to have fired.

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I think you're probably thinking of the guy from Warhorse Studios, the company that made Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They reported him to the boss just to find out that he's the boss.

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Do you by chance have a link for that meltdown?

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Can someone link the "hate facts" library here? That was fairly comprehensive.

It's good to have some key, credible sources on your phone though--government-based statistics, FBI/state, parenthood, etc. Can't tell you how many times I've redpilled peeps on Islam just by having a bookmarked quran and hadifs on my phone, coupled with the pew research report (not the same level as census, but not bad). NPCs never actually critically consider their opinions, and if you're not aggressive or emotional, and didn't reveal your true powerlevel, you can plant the seed with the simple, well-sourced truth.

Also, UK maintains a census on baby names in the UK. Muhammad has been the most popular boys name (when summing all the different spellings) for the past 3 years--another solid redpill to fags who don't think there is an invasion.

Same with black violence, and immigrant criminal stats, and vegetarianism and the environment. I carry stuff for each on my phone. When they pull the "citation needed" crap, trying to poison the well, you just pull out your phone and show them. And if you played it cool, they either begrudgingly accept that such instances exist, or just go ad hominem ("lol what a loser, carries around XYZ on his phone") because they cannot compute. "Lol you actually think critically? Fucking white-male privilege man-splainer racist."

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Link is broken. :(

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Can someone repost that link from a week or two ago regarding FBI statistics on racial crime breakdown for 2017?

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if it was curated by the admin it would move them into "publisher" territory. much better to remain a "platform" and use stickies or maybe mod edited wikis. Code could be added to make a single markdown post to act as a wiki (using different headings as pages or something).

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You could just go to!/pol/

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