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I agree with this idea; I have found it difficult navigating that menu in the past. Honestly, nowadays if I want to visit a specific subverse, I append /v/subversename to my homepage, because it's faster.

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I’m not sure I understand how one is any easier than the other. If anything the ability to take in a large number at once when organized horizontally seems much quicker. At a glance you can see more of the subs beginning with the same letter as opposed to having them disappear down the column and you also see a continuous string rather than losing part of the alphabet going down and then the next column starting at a point well past where the prior column disappeared.

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Have to disagree with you there. Reading is done from left to right, but lists are just easier when they are in columns.

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We could enhance the readability of current layout. I propose that the table cells be altered with different background color, with optional boldface font on the first occurrence of each alphanumeric order.


00 11 .. ..
AskVoat Assholes .. ..
.. .. Basball BakeIt
.. Cats Cracks ...
Voat Voatdev ... Whatever

In the sample menu above, cells of subverse names starting with 'A', 'C', 'W' are stylized with same background color, while other cells are assigned with another color.

I personally do not like subscribing to too many subverses; it makes the list unmanageable and quite useless, as it grows bigger. I wish it were categorized/grouped by sets instead.