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"Rainbowdarky" ROFL, I'm going to start using that.

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Patriot=Rainbow Nigger.

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I have to be in court today... There's always at least one flamboyantly gay person of color when I have to go to this particular DC.

I'm probably going to be fined for contempt for refusing to explain breaking into "inappropriate" laughter.

I don't know you - but I hate you.

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Shayvon says "Don't judge me cuz I'm fabulous."

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There's a FF plugin for that: Foxreplace. You can use regex to replace anything and everything in a web page, with the option to exclude all HTML tags so you don't screw it up too bad, or include them. Very handy. You can also place a set of regexes on Pastebin or as a text file on a website so others can use it, but not edit it.

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There's a Chrome plugin that'll do this, too: "XKCD Substitutions"