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Bitchute. Why are you guys ignoring this platform?!

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@derram why not bitchute?

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That would involve mirroring any linked YouTube video to bitchute which is legally and technically problematic

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What @go1dfish said.

I could prolly set something up to search bitchute for an exact title match, but that's a pain in the ass and easy to fail.

Right now all the bot does with youtube links is replace youtube.com with invidio.us and pulls the title.

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Bitchute. Why are you guys ignoring this platform?!

Bitchute bandwidth isn't really great, last time I checked there were still no time stamp option, which in the case of a quote in a 1h long vid is a bit problematic, of course I could always add the time stamp in text under it and then people have to scroll there... Not handy nor accurate

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Doesn't bitchute have centralized leadership? There isn't much of a difference between downloading off a google server and some random people on the internet if a single entity is the one holding the banhammer.

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Why wouldn't you be satisfied if the box is checked? Didn't check the feature list goy? Says It's 'decentralized'.

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So we need to convince YTers to rehost on the BitChute platform. I mean, since your opinion is going to get banned on YouTube, it's not like you can host it there anyways. I understand YouTube's purpose is advertising dollars, but if YouTube is demonitizing the videos anyways...why not BitChute?

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Do you think this literally who website really has the game grumps on it? No, they're operating like a pirate stream site and mirroring content. This will end up going down the instant youtube gets wind of it, or they'll be forced to play the whack-a-mole game on openload/rapidvideo/etc like e.g. 9anime or the like does. Currently all of its videos appear to be hosted on Google Video, so obviously the initial takedown will be trivial... It works, in the short term, to dodge some google tracking and monetization, as well as potentially delay censorship long enough to make archival copies... but this can't and isn't designed to replace or compete with youtube and won't meet those other goals in the long term

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From what I've seen, youtube will have to completely rework how they host video in order to block the site from doing its thing. Also, the source code is open source so anyone can spin up their own copy.


[–] go1dfish 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Last I checked it didn’t have any embed support otherwise I would have added it to notabug.io already.

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They can't offer embed support because they themselves are embedding the videos hosted/mirrored elsewhere. It's set up like a pirate stream site

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That didn’t stop hooktube

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Can we upgrade Derram-bot to gas the kikes next?

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I’ve been posting on every Ytube channel I like that they need to use Ytube to build into Bitchute or dtube (if they ever become usable, but at least they pay). All it takes is 5-10 big multi million sub channels to load there entire library to Bitchute and constantly talk about it for a year and ppl will start just mirroring there maker content and news type stuff up there to.

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invidio.us, got it.

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Derram isn't merely a bot, it's a CCP farming scheme to add noise to voat

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I've been gone a while, what did I miss about Hooktube?

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