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Especially because they must be stored on voat's end. This has happened a few times where a hosting site goes down, but the thumbnail is still viewable on voat

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Leaving evidence of censorship is a Psychological tactic.

The mods are at a point were they can flaunt censorship as a virtue and the useful idiots lap it up.

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I see some of that re: idiot mods in their own fiefdoms, but I’m not sure who is lapping it up.

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I feel like they're talking about reddit, not voat. Bad mindset, clearly.

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Mods should be able to chose if they want to delete the image or not, if someone is caught censoring, we get the pitchforks.

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Nah, that’s too complex. Deleted submissions page = thumbnails not visible. Hopefully as simple as setting a flag. Done.

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Great, thank you!