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Voat needs its own search tool, not relying on another website.

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It's actually the best we have right now and searchvoat functionality is better than what we had natively anyways.

I've commented before about why we don't have search enabled and the short story is that we don't have the $$$

But try http://searchvoat.co, it's great.

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We had one, but we turned it off because of attacks.

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This should be prominently displayed on the frontpage so people don't have to keep wondering

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Reddit search sucked for years, but they did alright. Their problem wasn't the search function, but selling out and going full 1983.

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used to have one then cucks started abusing it to bring voat down

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Out of curiosity, how does one abuse the search function?

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1000+ times a second, via a bot net, with unique searches that require cpu to process.

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It probably tskes more resources than anything else, so was probably a vector for DDoS

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nothing but jewish degeneracy from you always seeking out how to abuse eh?

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You can search for subs, at least.

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You're in here, Putt's in here.....I need to go get my camera brb

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Is there any way to search for comments? I've posted stuff in the past that I've tried to dig up.

[–] Memorexem 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Hey, see, there's that too.

But he wanted in-house, so that's the best he can get. Lol

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Damn, this needs to be more visible. I was looking for a way to find subverses since I joined, and I bet more people are too.

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The built in function, yeah, maybe, but SearchVoat puts out a mass of posts detailing a lot of stuff at least once a month. I don't see how you kept missing those.

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Google.com wtf! haha joking searchvoat.co

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site:voat.co on Google actually works quite well

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Search functions make the site too hospitable to normies

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I'd at least like to know what the different categories are. The only way I found some is through the random function.

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I would like to be able to search through my comments with out having to go page by page.

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Yes, absolutely.

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