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I disagree. Learn from your mistakes and why you committed them. If it's a banned post DM OP and tell them to resubmit [an apology would be nice too]. This power would be easily abused and allow stolen or transferred accounts to be far more valuable. Far worse than that, it trivializes the responsibility you bear as a mod and prevents personal growth.

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Reddit much? This is Voat. I didn't mis-take (couldn't see) it, I was just hasty and would like the ability to recind that.

stolen or transferred accounts

Have we come to this?

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Have we come to this?

Uh, yeah. They're all over the place.

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Are you suggesting we remove the ability to unban people, too?

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Not sure if that's a good idea. It will give mods the power to manipulate deleted submissions/comments. If mistake were made, the mod involved can apologize and/or ask the user to resubmit it. More importantly, a log is a record of decisions and actions taken by the mods that should not be taken lightly. So when the cancerous mods decide to abuse their power or manipulate certain narrative, it will be permanently logged into the record for everyone to see.

Currently it can already be manipulated, even without enabling your idea. For example, an user discovered a specific mod was manipulating a narrative, and he called it out; then some of his comments got deleted while the mod responded to his other comment, at the same time already being banned. In the end, that user never got the chance to reply back to a mod's comment. See for yourself: https://voat.co/v/ProtectVoat/2615496/13181950/10#13181950.

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Good points.