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It's because it's not really about text posts. It's more for link posts. If I post an article and want to clarify something afterwards, I could use a stickied comment.

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If you really need to comment on it, I don't see why you can't just put the link in a text post.

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want to clarify something afterwards

Or you could just THINK about what the fuck you are doing - before you do it.

Novel concept, I know.

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OP could control the narrative


What are you afraid of? If the post sucks, vote accordingly.

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I couldn't give two shits about scp or ccp at this point. I have more than enough to worry about getting downvoted or something.

Look at the link I posted:

The original picture says "Canada's new law" as if it is from the feds. Another user comes in and clarifies that it's not a federal law, only provincial law of Ontario. In this instance, I would have stickied Rotteuxx's comment, not my own.