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We already have the backend for allowing both link and text content on the same post (which should accomplish what you suggest) we just haven't turned it on. There are some concerns with implementing this feature.

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I knew I should have checked Voat one more time before heading out the door. Anyways, that's actually another idea I had instead of the stickied comment. What kind of concerns are we talking about? Is it concerns with the interface or coding? Or is it something like how Voat and/or shills would react? Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this place.

Edit: I'm sure it'd probably be best to ask Voat about it first. Perhaps have a trial period as well.

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Well it would allow the OP to more easily influence the discussion on the topic. The OP should just make the post in text format, and then the rest of voat can decide on how to discuss it. If voat disagrees with the OP, then the first comment should be the post contradicting the OP, and we shouldn't have to ignore a chain of comments to find the real discussion. So I agree with your decision to leave it off for now.

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Lol putt you rear your head over the strangest comments :p

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Negative ccp restrictions are retarded. 6k ccp accounts shilled to negatives once the (abundant) shills get the marching orders.

Downvotes are stupid and censorship. Remove them.

Or they shouldn't count against your ccp.

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One post per day for negative CCP would be plenty to dig yourself out. Using multiple accounts to get around that rule should be permabanned.

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Nice idea. It would be especially useful for link posts posts. I'm always posting something that I'm making or made and I want to describe it in the comments but my comment description always falls to the bottom and then people ask me the same stupid questions that are answered there over and over.

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If your thought is directed by a comment stickied at the top of a post you have some serious issues.

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You can still do that.

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Or how about having the ability to write a comment for links!

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If OP can't make his intentions clear in the title then he should go suck a dickless tranny's bloody stump instead of wasting our precious reading time!

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That seems like a decent idea.

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One of the better ideas I have read.


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Disagree, this will just muddy the waters with the OP stating he's not a faggot

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It's because it's not really about text posts. It's more for link posts. If I post an article and want to clarify something afterwards, I could use a stickied comment.

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If you really need to comment on it, I don't see why you can't just put the link in a text post.

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want to clarify something afterwards

Or you could just THINK about what the fuck you are doing - before you do it.

Novel concept, I know.

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