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I'd like to see who up[votes and downvotes too.

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I gave you a DV! Not kidding, either. Take that, you monster!

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No, it won't end manipulation. And it could be uglY to stores and retrieve that from the database

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It's already stored and retrieved, otherwise you wouldn't have the blue up/down arrow on posts you'd voted. Instead of retrieving a list of votes from some global table each time a person requested it, it might help performance to store the information as an attribute of the post itself. That would limit the scope of the query.

EDIT - On second thought, that's a horrible idea. You'd either have to query each individual post's attributes on every page load, or you'd have to maintain the vote count in two places, which is just asking for the count to get out of sync.

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Can’t upvoat this enough. Would lead to a better user opinion on the lack of censorship here.

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My name would be pages long because of Tallest_skil. Talk about front page sliding! I would rule!!!

Yes we need this!

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I disagree. Reporting is an important function that needs to be anonymous. There are people who wouldn’t report because they wouldn’t want to deal with the backlash from some aggressive spammer etc.

It would be better to think of a method to combat false reports if that is what concerns you.

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Yeah gotta watch out from that agressive spam, my mom got agressive spamed once and ended up in the hospital. If only she had found the delete button, what a tradgedy.

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You might want to introduce a ccp penalty for the obvious false reporting! For example, if sane makes a bulllshit report, such as abusing the report button, subtract some 20 points from his ccp. :-) We can all watch those shills cry...

Edit: if possible, a false-report level indicator in the user's profile would be helpful for reference.

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I couldn't give a flying fuck if anyone is reporting me to anyone for shit. I guess different things are important to different people.

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@Tallest_Skil is a hostile, incoherent autist who needs to be fucked.

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I hate to say it but I agr.... oh god I puked in my mouth a little. Get out of my thread faggot.

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No one cares what you have to say, paid shill account.

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Or you, paid shill.

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Maybe see that you've been reported, but not who

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Fuck yes. Do this. Get rid of the assholes and the fake accounts. You want to be transparent and totally uncensored? Do this.

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