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What would an extra 50 characters get you?

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A 25% increase. I'd prefer to see a trial run of 350.

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How often do you bump into the limit?

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Tl;dr posts are already too long, didn't read

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I think someone requested this before, when trying to post with a twit from twitter. But I think titles are meant to be short and to the point. If it is too long, you may have to shorten it to emphasize more precisely what the post is about. Even if it was lifted to 350 chars, I think the genuine users rarely hits this limit. But the downfall would be the potential for abuse. Imagine spammers and forum-sliders start posting walls of text. Imagine other users start copy-paste submissions without putting much thought into the submission titles.

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I see your point. People would also most likely have to devote more time to reading which could be annoying for the those who are busy or intellectually lazy. Personally, I find the additional space on reddit helpful as it allows for sufficient quoting or expansion of thought to further illustrate a point.

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:-) I guess you could turned it into a discussion post. The message body allows roughly 10,000 chars.

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av u tryd 2 breev8 ur msgs?

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A lil but it only works 2 a certain xtent + it usually leads 2 “nice title faggot”/lil traction

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if i have to text a young co worker the response i get is utterly unintelligible lol